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Belimed: improving product performance and reducing tests with Simcenter Amesim



A leading provider of sterilization, disinfection, and cleaning equipment, Belimed is one of many companies using system simulation in their development process as a means to improve efficiency and performance of their products.

Join our Digital Talk with Belimed on November 26, to hear all about their direct experience with Siemens system simulation tool, Simcenter Amesim, and how it supports their engineering activities.

Altug Bitislioglu, Process Engineer from Belimed, will discuss how process simulation with Amesim is employed to:

  • optimize resource consumption of medical washers and sterilizers under various operating conditions

  • evaluate and improve hardware and software concepts

  • kick-start R&D projects and reduce experimental work.

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Find out how your company can benefit from system simulation and how Simcenter Amesim is able to reduce the development cycle and testing activities – reduced time means reduced costs.

Look forward to an exclusive Q&A with Belimed and our simulation experts!

Seize this opportunity to benchmark the best system simulation software the market offers.


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Our Speakers

Benoit De Lussy_Webinar BSIM_Hyundai Electric

Altug Bitislioglu – Process Engineer @Belimed

Benoit De Lussy_Webinar BSIM_Hyundai Electric

Marco Longhitano | Sales Engineer @ BSim Engineering

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