BSIM announces collaboration in Manta’s revolutionary HeV/STOL urban air mobility project

Jan 14, 2021 | Aerospace, Simcenter Amesim

„Look! Up in the sky!” 

“It’s a bird!”

“It’s a plane, it’s …”


In the 1978 movie, it wasn’t a plane – it was Superman.

Now, in 2020, it’s the Manta’s ANN 2 HeV/STOL.

A cross-over between a race car and a futuristic flying vehicle, the ANN 2 was unveiled to the public in all its uniqueness during a live press conference on December 11th.

This revolutionary vertical and short (depending on the max payload) take-off and landing air vehicle has a structure made with light-weight carbon fiber composite, and it is powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system that makes it fly at a cruise speed in excess of 300 km/h with a range of over 600 km.

The ANN 2 is developed by the Swiss company Manta Aircraft SA and represents a big step forward in the advanced air mobility field.

BSIM is delighted to announce its involvement in Manta’s project, as an engineering simulation expert for the development of the ANN platform propulsion systems.

Marco Brunelli, CEO of BSIM comments:

We are proud to disclose our collaboration with Manta Aircraft supporting the definition of the hybrid propulsion system of the #ANN2, which includes a gas-turbine, electric generator, batteries, e-motors, and its cooling system“.

Lucas Marchesini, co-founder, CEO, and CTO at Manta Aircraft comments

“MANTA is thankful to BSIM for the ongoing collaboration.“ He continues : „BSim is the partner for the 0D-1D Simulation activities – their work will be integrated into a complete engineering vehicle simulator, used for design, validation, and verification“. 

Marco Brunelli concludes: “We are honored to be part of this ground-breaking project.”


Head to MANTA Aircraft’s website to read all about their activities and the ANN series:


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