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Smart solutions for  Industrial Machinery Test Engineering

with Politecnico di Torino


The trade-off between production quality and speed is critical in the field of industrial machinery.

Increasing a machine’s speed often produces unexpected issues, because the dynamics of such complex structures change. And pin-pointing the machine component that is creating the problem is not a simple matter.

To understand the vibration characteristics of machines,  integrated testing tools that handle noise, vibration and durability analysis, as well as a structured analysis method are essential.

Watch the webinar replay to hear all about Siemens hardware and software Testing Solutions and how to use them for Transfer Path Analysis of industrial machinery vibro-acoustic phenomena.

Learn how Siemens best-in-class solutions for Test Engineering allow to:

  • Easily and quickly testing and measure the dynamic vibration of a complex industrial machine

  • Identify the real dynamic properties of the tooling machines to characterize the machine and to upgrade the machine model

  • Pin-point the critical components to improve machines performance and product quality through consolidated TPA (Transfer Path Analysis) method.

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✓Increase machine precision ✓Ramp up production Speed  ✓ Avoid undesired vibrations …with Simcenter Testing Solutions.

Our Speakers

Benoit De Lussy_Webinar BSIM_Hyundai Electric

Marco Longhitano – Sales Engineer @BSim Engineering 

Benoit De Lussy_Webinar BSIM_Hyundai Electric

Domenico Lisitano – Research Fellow @ Politecnico di Torino

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