Solutions for Heavy Equipment Testing

Faster durability and NVH machine performance testing

Rely on our testing solution to streamline your entire testing process. Simcenter uniquely integrates rugged and reliable data acquisition hardware with comprehensive processing and analysis software features. Our solution covers every step of a typical test campaign, from channel setup and measurements, to validation, consolidation, analysis, and reporting. With Simcenter, execute your entire test campaign in less time, with increased confidence, and fewer errors than ever.

Increase your testing activity efficiency with Siemens products

Improve your testing process, increase productivity and product innovation with Simcenter™ testing solutions. Our solutions combine multi-physic data acquisition hardware with a comprehensive software suite to capture, organize and analyze the data, covering a vast range of testing needs.

Simcenter Solutions for Heavy Equipment Testing

Our solution covers every step of a typical test campaign, from human body vibration, sound power, cabin noise, durability testing, NVH analysis, sound source localization, sound quality analysis

With Simcenter Testing Solutions, you can perform successful multi-physics testing campaign.

3 points for a successful test campaign:

  • Complying with legal regulations and standards
  • Produce reliable machines
  • Improve NVH comfort


Find out what types of multi-physics testing campaign you can perform with our solutions.

Regulation Compliance

A complete solution of certified testing equipment to perform reliable and repeatable measurements. Use Simcenter Testing Solutions to effectively validate your product’s compliance with international standards and regulatory directives. 

 Intuitive interface for non-experts.

  • Combine exterior and cabin noise.
  • Measurement in one step.
  • Save man power: single operator system.
  • Multi-purpose system: Certification & NVH.

Exterior Noise – Sound Power

Certified sound power testing solutions guiding operators through in-depth acoustic engineering workflows.

Exterior Noise – Pass by noise

Cabin noise – Sound Pressure

Human Vibration

Siemens provide an integrated solution for hand-arm vibrations and whole-body vibrations.

Cabin noise – Sound Pressure

Product Reliability 

Durability executions, such as accelerated lab testing and FE analysis, require correct operational data as input from a wide range of sensors such as strain, acceleration, displacement, forces, pressure, GPS etc.

And due to the size of the machines, we require very long cables to connect these different sensors to the hardware. This leads to long instrumentation time and high cost. 

Rely on Simcenter SCADAS RS and embedded software to work in extreme environments with minimal time and effort but maximum quality data acquisition.

Faster setup

compact system in a centralized or distributed setup enabling team instrumentation.

Increase uptime

via ultra rugged, extra protected system with smart and guaranteed powering

Faster analysis

thanks to instant data visualization

Quicker delivery 

with flexible connectivity and on-board processing

Improve NVH comfort


With our Simcenter Testing Solution, accelerate troubleshooting and be sure to focus on the right problem, improve the sound quality.

  • Measure high quality data from any NVH and Acoustic relevant sensor
  • Accelerate NVH troubleshooting
  • Benchmark competitive interior cabin noise recordings
  • Define and test against quality targets to deliver a product that sounds right.

Increase Sound Quality

Objectively rate sounds based on their loudness, sharpness, roughness and other sound quality metrics

Sound Source Localization

Discover which part of the system is generating the noise problem. Find your answers with sound source localization techniques.

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Mr. Ferhan Ficici, R&D Director

Our Siemens PLM Software durability solution is very versatile. Even our noise and vibration team uses it to perform human body vibration and confirm ISO compliance for sound power. The Siemens solution has really helped us exceed our goals relating to durability, performance and ergonomics.”


An integrated offer of hardware, software and specific tools for Durability and NVH Confort.

Simcenter Testlab

Advanced software for high-speed multi-physics data analysis and organization for test-based product development.

Simcenter RS

Simcenter RS is a data acquisition hardware solution that is perfectly adapted to harsh environments, mud, dust, high vibrations, extreme deploys precise multi-physics measurements anytime and anywhere.

Simcenter Scadas


A broad range of data acquisition hardware, including handheld solutions, compact and portable mobile units, autonomous smart recorders and high-channel-count laboratory data acquisition systems

Simcenter Sound Camera

Minimize the time spent in tracking down sources that contribute to unwanted noise, locate sound sources over a wide frequency range, both in the far and near acoustic field..

Industrial Applications

Discover the applications of Simcenter Amesim for your industry.

Thanks to its multi-disciplinary approach, Simcenter Amesim is a cross-industry simulation tool, employed to develop: vehicles and vehicle components, earth moving equipment, industrial machinery, food and beverage production plants, packaging machinery, ships, aircrafts, shuttles and energy plants.

Mechanical Industries





Rolling Stock

Medical Devices

Webinar on Demand

Fundamentals of sound source localization

When attempting to solve noise issues or perfecting the acoustic design of a product, engineers sometimes struggle to find out the origin of the acoustic problem. Where exactly does the sound come from? 

Two-part webinar discusses how sound source localization can support accelerated acoustic troubleshooting. 

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