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Hyundai: Optimizing High Voltage Circuit Breaker Design with Simcenter Amesim


How does Hyundai Electric Switzerland manage to optimize the design of their High Voltage Circuit Breakers (HVCB)?

During current interruption, a HVCB needs to withstand enormous forces, temperatures and pressures where different physical phenomena are involved.

Thanks to simulation tool Simcenter Amesim and its Python interface, Hyundai Electric was able to improve their HVCB interrupting capabilities and analyse the system performance using single and multi-objective optimization routines.

Join us on November 19th and listen to Hyundai Electric’s simulation engineers Zeljko Tanasic and Benoit De Lussy discuss their experience with Simcenter Amesim and how it supports Hyundai’s simulation activities.

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Our Speakers

Benoit De Lussy_Webinar BSIM_Hyundai Electric

Benoit De Lussy | Senior Mechanical Engineer @ Hyundai Electric Switzerland

Benoit De Lussy_Webinar BSIM_Hyundai Electric

Zeljko Tanasic | Simulation Engineer @ Hyundai Electric Switzerland

Benoit De Lussy_Webinar BSIM_Hyundai Electric

Marco Longhitano | Sales Engineer @ BSim Engineering

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