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Improve energy efficiency and performance of next generation cooling and heating technologies through digitalization

with Siemens 


Achieve ground-breaking HVAC&R performance and efficiency levels with system simulation

The European F-Gas regulation and the recently amended Montreal protocol are having a strong impact on how HVAC&R systems are developed. With the need for a long-term environmentally sustainable refrigerant solution, research and industry are currently exploring innovative designs to reduce the environmental impact of HVAC&R systems.

To ensure the energy efficiency of these systems and reduce their power consumption, it is essential to upgrade the machine’s components design and to control the plant optimally.

So, now more than ever, Technical and R&D departments are facing a tough challenge – but using the right engineering simulation tools can help.

During this webinar, we will show you how to:

  • Use numerical simulations to predict and improve the performance of HVAC&R machines as an economical alternative to climatic chamber testing
  • Analyze the dynamic behavior of vapor-compression-based refrigeration systems, and test different control strategies
  • Evaluate the most efficient layout of the system and optimize its components

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Meet the speakers

Benoit De Lussy_Webinar BSIM_Hyundai Electric

Paolo Artuso – Application Engineer, Thermal Specialist @BSim Engineering 

Benoit De Lussy_Webinar BSIM_Hyundai Electric

Francesca Furno Business Developer for System Simulation @ SIEMENS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES SOFTWARE