Industrial Edge for machine tools

Unlock the full potential of the machine and reduce quality costs or downtime

Machine tools are already highly productive today. Production processes, mechatronics and handling (loading and unloading), are optimized and fully automated. How can the productivity of a machine tool be further increased, and where is the potential for savings? The potential lies in the data of the machine. Specifically, in the data that is generated in the machine during operation but has not been used to date. With Industrial Edge for Machine Tools, manufacturing companies have a simple, proven and secure means of determining and evaluating the data of the machine during operation. This allows them to unlock the full potential of the machine and reduce quality costs or downtime. 

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You’ll be partnering with a qualified supplier, certified by Siemens. We’re a flexible SME that prides itself on being close to its customers, and always being availabile for them. We offer you the convenience of a single provider for testing hardware, simulation software, training and support as well as advanced engineering services – making things easier and more efficient for you and your company.

Quality management in CNC production

Costs, risk and effort in quality management in CNC manufacturing can be reduced, if you determine during the machining process whether a quality inspection is useful or not. For example, by continuously monitoring the machining data, by optically monitoring the workpiece or detecting tool wear, or by visually analyzing and optimizing the machining process.

Hands-on Industrial Edge for Machine Tools

These videos give you an overview of how you can create added value for your machine tools with Industrial Edge for machine tools


Transform machine data into added value using Industrial Edge apps

In addition to the option of programming your own edge apps, our Marketplace offers you apps developed by Siemens for a variety of application areas.

Standard apps and in-house developments


With our offering of ready-to-use apps you can collect and evaluate machine tool data, monitor the quality of workpieces (including with AI support), and perform condition-based maintenance, among other things. With the central Edge Management System, IT administrators can make these apps available, and can also run applications that were developed in-house.

The benefits of the Siemens Edge Platform

Industrial Edge for Machine Tools provides manufacturing companies with a simple, proven and secure method for determining and evaluating machine data during operation – without slowing down the machining process. The Siemens edge hardware is more than just a PC. The Industrial edge security concept offers state-of-the-art protection from cyberattacks. One important aspect here is that apps can only be downloaded to the edge device from a secure, cloud-based backend.

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