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Industrial Quality Testing with Simcenter Anovis: the Carbosint Case

Guest Speakers: Carbosint, Siemens Digital Industries Software


Quality control is quintessential to deliver reliable products, satisfy customer requirements and specifications – the main challenge being to check 100% of pieces for defects, without decreasing the hourly production.

Simcenter Anovis, by Siemens Digital Industries Software, is an industrial quality testing solution that can be implemented at different stages of a production line, for in-line process monitoring, end-of-line and non-destructive testing.

Watch  now the Digital Talk on quality testing with Simcenter Anovis and how it helps companies reach their product and production quality targets.

Why watch the webinar?

  • Hear owner and managing director  Mr. Clemente Lavelli and technical expert Mr. Valerio Radaelli from Carbosint, recount their first-hand experience with Anovis for Non Destructive Testing of sintered components, and the advantages they reap from it;

  • Discover how to monitor the production process and find out new indices to identify faulty components;

  • Learn how to check 100% of pieces easily and quickly – through acoustic and vibrational behaviour, synchronously with rotational order when required.

✓Increase product and process quality ✓Ramp up production Speed  ✓Avoid defects or imprefections…with Simcenter Anovis.

Our Speakers

Benoit De Lussy_Webinar BSIM_Hyundai Electric

Clemente Lavelli – Owner and Managing Director @Carbosint

Benoit De Lussy_Webinar BSIM_Hyundai Electric

Valerio Radaelli – Technical Expert @Carbosint

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