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We want to be at the cutting edge of important technological progress and innovation, this is why we’re involved in several externally funded international research projects. 

Shaping the future, together

Review the list of projects BSIM is – or has been – involved in, below.

Orchestra Project

Optimised Electric Network Arichtectures and Systems for More Electric Aircraft.

The key quantitative objectives achieved by Orchestra will include overall EPS weight reduction by 25% and improvement in EPS efficiency by 10% compared to the current state-of-the-art. The Orchestra consortium will investigate all the relevant technical aspects including electrical architectures, machines, power management and control, harness solutions, thermal management, electric energy storage, experimental and virtual testing, as well as systems integration, to develop and deliver a holistic framework of innovative modular scalable “building blocks” that incorporate emerging technologies and breakthrough design ideas.

EU funds.

Our Contribution:

Greening the Propulsion

The project is focused on the following topics:

  • increasing efficiency and reducing weight of low pressure turbines 
  • optimization of transmissions through development of relations with oil and fuel pump suppliers
  • research on new materials for turbine blades, for increased efficiency and durability (e- Manufacturing), reduced costs and environmental impact.
  • Research on hybrid propulsion technologies (liquid and solid propulsion merging) for space applications 
  • Research on hybrid propulsion technologies (liquid and solid propulsion merging) for aviation applications, through electrification.

Miur funds

Our Contribution:

Disloman Project

Dynamic Integrated Shopfloor Operation Management for Industry 4.0.

The project’s main aim is to create a high-level ICT integrated, dynamic and autonomous platform for production operation management, aimed at optimizing resources (people, materials, production systems). 

Finpiemonte funds.

Our Contribution:

GREAT 2020 Project

Green Engine for Air Traffic 2020

The project’s aim was to develop sustainable technologies to reach the ACARE objectives for CO2, NOx and perceived noise reduction (dB) of aircraft transportation.

Our Contribution:


Avio S.p.A, Enginsoft, Petroceramics, Progesa, Secondo mona, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, Università’ di Genova, Università La Sapienza,  Università del Salento

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