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We provide advanced engineering services to solve your engineering issues or support new product design. Rely on BSim for in depth analysis, simulations and test campaigns.

Engineering services to support your projects

Highly skilled in numerical simulation techniques (0D/1D, FEM, CFD-3D), optimization and testing, our team’s goal is to support your engineering activities.

Simulation Services


We help you define new designs, by employing predictive simulation. Using 0D/1D simulation tools, we assess technological trade-offs between several design proposals, and provide you with accurate data on the designs’ performance levels.

Detailed Design

We help you fine-tune product designs with simulations of the product’s dynamic performance (time or frequency domain), CFD-3D simulations, FEM analysis or multi-objective parametric optimizations.

Virtual Validation and Trouble Shooting

If your product isn’t responding correctly to certain use conditions, our team can recreate the conditions digitally and explore the root causes of the technical issue, with sensitivity analyses. The service includes proposals of virtually validated design alternatives that do not experience the same performance issues.

Dynamic 0D/1D Simulations

With a lumped parameter modeling approach, we recreate a digital predictive model of any component or system and simulate its dynamic performance. We can verify the evolution of parameters like flow rates, pressure, currents, voltage, relative humidity, efficiencies, accelerations or speed over specific critical working conditions.

CFD-3D Simulations

We analyze the fluid-dynamic performance of your product in terms of flow-rate, pressure losses, particle transportation, mixing efficiency or temperature distribution and quickly providing you with useful insights to move forward with your design optimization decisions.

Improving Energy Efficiency

We simulate and analyze the energy efficiency of your product, using bond graph theory-based simulation tools. We’re able to compute the power generated by specific sub-systems, power losses and inefficiencies during critical working cycles and suggest more efficient design alternatives.

Multi-objective Parametric Optimizations

Advanced optimization algorithms allow us to explore new design alternatives, sweeping across a defined design space, to select a combination of design parameters that allow your product to reach target performance levels, while respecting production and cost constraints.

FEM Analysis

We carry out FEM calculations to evaluate the structural performance of your product and can perform complex analyses on advanced materials like Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics (CFRP), Metal Matrix Composites (MMC), post-buckling phenomena, bonding failure and damage progression.

Noise and Vibration Analyses

We employ linear analysis to study the natural frequencies of a system. We can help you determine the causes of undesired high-frequency vibrations, fluidborne or due to modal couplings.

Testing Services

Data Acquisitions and Analyses

In the digital era, it remains crucial to test, validate, and optimize product designs before releasing them on the market. Thanks to a close partnership with Siemens, BSim employs Simcenter™ Testlab™ software (previously known as LMS Testlab) and Simcenter™ SCADAS™ hardware for data acquisition and acoustic, structural, durability and rotating machine analyses.

Acoustic Testing


We improve the acoustic performance of your products, swiftly identifying sources that contribute to undesired noise. We locate acoustic sources on a broad range of frequencies, in the immediate acoustic field or in a more extended one.

Durability Analysis

Our consultants will work by your side in a typical test campaign, from configuration and measurement acquisition, validation, consolidation and analysis, up to reporting. We acquire and analyze loads and fatigue of the elements of the vehicle and road load.

Structural Dynamic Analysis

We manage acquisitions and operative modal analysis, getting frequency responses of the system (FRF), natural frequencies and modal shapes. We detect the causes of vibrations also by employing transfer path analysis (TPA).

Rotating Machinery Analysis


We optimize performances of rotating machinery, coupling testing activities with detailed analysis of speed, torque, sound quality control strategy, torsional vibrations and energy efficiency. On the field or in the lab, we provide reliable interpretations of the data to maximize the performance of your machines.

Transfering our know how to your people

In addition to the traditional “turn-key” engineering services, we carry out technology transfer projects to ensure your personnel learn the methodologies and techniques we employ.


Our Simulation Academy

The Simulation Academy is our divison dedicated to improving your skills and knowledge with our simulation software. Years of active customer support and consulting in the field of simulation, make BSim the ideal “teacher”.

As of today, you can access our training classes online!

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