Simcenter Amesim – Getting Started

Available Live, OnLine or On-Demand

General Description

This training introduces new users of Simcenter Amesim to the structure and the use of the software as well as the modelling and simulation process. It forms the basis for all the Simcenter Amesim application-oriented training courses.


• Presentation of Simcenter Amesim
• Positioning Behind Simcenter Amesim
• The applications
• The Simcenter Amesim environment
• Building the first system in Simcenter Amesim from sketch up to simulation
• Important concepts behind Simcenter Amesim: multiport approach, causality rules, sign convention
• Standard libraries: Mechanical and Control
• Overview of the different basic menus and options
• Pre-processing tools
• Import data, table editor parameters settings,Analysis tools
• Plotting capabilities, Dashboards and Animations
• Batch runs / Parallel processing
• Simulation options

Who should attend

The course is built for Technical Specialists or Engineers who start using Simcenter Amesim

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