Simcenter Amesim – Powertrain

Available Live, OnLine or On-Demand

General Description

This training enables the designer to address the various physical phenomena involved in powertrain system simulation. The participant is guided through the design and analysis of transmission systems and components from the engine up to the wheels.


• Introduction to the Powertrain Library
• Sign conventions
• End stops
• Friction models
• Clutches and brakes
• Tires
• Gear trains -planetary gear train –idle gear models
• Bearings
• Gears and bearings thermal models
• Torque conversion elements (Torque converter, CVT)
• Synchronizer
• Contact models
• Vehicle models
• Engine models
• 2D and 3D models

Who should attend

Technical Specialists or Engineers who are starting to use Simcenter™ Amesim™ software for the design of their transmission systems.

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