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Simulation has become a necessary step in a company’s engineering process. It allows you to predict the performance of a new design or investigate the reasons of a malfunction.

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For over 7 years, Siemens has trusted us with the distribution and customer support for its simulation software products.
BSim is your contact line to purchase Siemens software, training courses for your personnel and get support anytime you are experiencing issues or need help setting up a new project with Siemens software.

Dynamic Simulation of Components and Systems

Simcenter Amesim

With its parametric, fully validated mathematical models, Simcenter™ Amesim™ software helps you create a digital mock-up of your product and predict its dynamic integrated performances, during a typical working cycle. Predict evolutions of pressure, flow-rates, temperatures, power, voltage, currents, energy, forces, accelerations, efficiencies, relative humidities and other data to support engineering decision making.

CFD-3D Simulation

Simcenter FLOEFD

An award-winning,CFD-3D that acts as a plug-in inside your CAD environment. Simcenter™ FLOEFD™ software objective is to help companies front-load simulation activities to the initial design phases, helping designers eliminate the least performant design alternatives, with fast CAD-embedded simulations, with no need to export CAD files or spend time on manual meshing. With its automatic meshing system and ease of use, Simcenter FLOEFD eliminates all complexities of the traditional CFD simulations.

1D Fluid Simulations

Simcenter Flomaster

A powerful 1D fluid-dynamic simulation tool to analyze complex hydraulic and pneumatic networks. It includes a wide range catalog of components and a powerful CAD Import tool. Simcenter™  Flomaster™ software allows the user to simulate pressure waves, temperatures and flow-rates in pipes and assess the impact of design choices in the early phases of product engineering.

Parametric Optimization 

Multi-objective, parametric optimization and process automation.

Kimeme integrates the workflows of  CAD and CAE software used inside your company, automatically launches calculations to select the best combination of design parameters that reaches desired performances, while respecting production constraints.

The platform includes an open library of state-of-the-art general-purpose optimization algorithms and several optimization codes created by Kimeme developpers. It is natively predisposed for distribution of calculations, also on the cloud.

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You’ll be partnering with a qualified supplier, certified by Siemens. We’re a flexible SME that prides itself on being close to its customers, and always being availabile for them. We offer you the convenience of a single provider for testing hardware, simulation software, training and support as well as advanced engineering services – making things easier and more efficient for you and your company.

Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support line is always available for our clients. It gives you direct access to our application engineers, who are always happy to help with any support requests or issues.


Having supported you through product trial and selection, we teach your personnel how to use the software and fully exploit its potential. We provide standard or custom training, that we offer at our offices, at yours or via webex.


We’re experienced users of Siemens simulation software and hardware. You can trust BSim with any simulation or testing activities you might need to outsource, knowing we’ll share methods and skills with your team by using a full “technology-transfer” approach.

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