Multi-objective, parametric optimization and process automation in one platform.

The platform includes an open library of state-of-the-art general-purpose optimization algorithms and several optimization codes created by Kimeme developpers. It is natively predisposed for distribution of calculations, also on the cloud.

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KIMEME was developed to satisfy  optimization needs with a set of user friendly tools and the developpers’ deep optimization-know how.

KIMEME is an innovative, advanced yet user-friendly platform for process integration and multi-objective multi-disciplinary optimization. The developers’ decade-long experience in computational optimization is offered to you through an open library of state-of-the-art general-purpose optimization algorithms. The scientific team’s experience is also available to help you in defining and solving your optimization problems.

KIMEME Capabilities

With Kimeme you’ll be ale to describe your product design work flow, integrating all the commercial or in-house simulation codes, CAE or CAD software involved in the procedure and automatizing their excecution.

Open, editable optimization algortythms, 3D interactive plots, statistical analysis tools to explore your project’s data are just a few of the platform’s features. Compatibility with the majority of CAD/CAE software, allows the user to write memetic calculus operations while achieving incredible numerical performance levels.

Cloud Based

  • In order to exploit all the computational power of your LAN, KIMEME includes a distributed evaluation and simulation control system that can fully exploit your computational resources, and even your HPC cluster.
  • Without ad hoc user intervention, KIMEME can remotely execute each simulation of the graphical workflow to specific remote computers, managing the exchange of information and files among processes, automatically.

Data Mining

  • KIMEME supports several tools for the data mining of the results of your processes. You can define filters to restrict specific areas of the design space. All the tables in KIMEME are customizable, sortable and intelligent. 2D/3D plots and statistical analyses are also available.

Process Integration

  • Describe simple to complex project work flows by means of simple and intuitive graphic data flow. Each node represents a source, a process or a sink, and all data are exchanged automatically among the different process. Moreover each simulation is automatically handled by KIMEME. Dependency, execution order and simulation files are automatically exchanged among processes, in order to avoid manual errors when several runs are executed.


  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is nowadays an important tool in several engineering fields. In most cases, the design process consists of choosing the most suitable set of parameters that can meet some desired design goals or specifications. Optimization is defined as the process of choosing the best among several possible designs, in order to accomplish a defined goal. However, minimizing a specific cost function or maximizing a performance metric poses hard challenges, such as the number of variables involved in the process, the number of objectives -often conflicting- and the presence of non-linear constraints.

Design Space Exploration

  • DOE, or experimental design, is the name given to the techniques used for guiding the choice of the experiments to be performed in an efficient way. With KIMEME you can save time defining very easily statistically efficient sets of experiments that cover the design parameter space in different ways. These experiments can be tested on your process workflow with ease, providing deep information about the behaviour and the characteristics of the project at hand.

Industrial Applications

KIMEME for your industrial application

Kimeme integrates common commercial software, CAE and CAD tools as well as niche /in-house software used only in specific industries or analysus. This is why Kimeme is a great fit for use in any industrial sector and application.

Mechanical Industries





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Medical Devices

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