Solutions for Acoustic Testing

Design, verify and validate the sound of your product with Simcenter solutions.

Acoustic quality and acoustic design are key aspects of product performance. Sounds play a critical role in conveying the right message about a product’s features and functionality, can reinforce a brand’s image attributes or prevent a product from meeting stringent noise-making or noise-limiting standards.

With Simcenter solutions for test engineering you’ll have access to productive tools to design, refine and validate prototypes throughout the development cycle.

Increase your testing activity efficiency with Siemens products

Improve your testing process, increase productivity and product innovation with Simcenter™ testing solutions. Our solutions combine multi-physic data acquisition hardware with a comprehensive software suite to capture, organize and analyze the data, covering a vast range of testing needs.

Simcenter Testing for Acoustic Analysis

Simcenter Testing solutions allow users to test, analyze and optimize the acoustic performance of their products. Leverage our:

  • multi-physic data-acquisition hardware
  • software suite to manage, organize and analyze data
  • microphone arrays, acoustic cameras and more hand held tools

to perform sound power tests, detect sound sources, sound quality, support psycho-acoustic analysis, sound intensity and material acoustic analysis.


Find out what types of acoustic testing you can perform with our solutions.

Sound Power Testing

Quantifying the sound power generated by a product is critical to many industries. Sound power values are required for certification, but also for engineering and benchmarking purposes. Our certified sound power testing solutions guide operators to comply with international standards and regulatory directives while offering the flexibility to incorporate custom, in-depth acoustic engineering workflows.

Sound Source Localization


ccurately, intuitively, and quickly visualize sound sources with our sound source localization (SSL) solutions. SSL helps you immediately confirm that you focus on the dominant noise issue.

Our modular digital and analog microphone arrays support a wide range of applications from acoustic troubleshooting to sound power ranking, and aero-acoustic wind tunnel testing.

Sound Quality Testing



Shape the sound of your product by relying on our sound quality testing solutions for noise level benchmarking, assessment, and troubleshooting. Listen, analyze, and combine objective and subjective evaluations to design irresistible brand sounds.

Acoustic Material Testing

Use of new lightweight materials impacts acoustic levels. Accurately identifying the acoustic properties of materials and components, such as mufflers, doors and panels, helps maintain comfort levels and reduce noise, while keeping material costs under control. Measure sound absorption and sound transmission loss with our tube or our room-based acoustic material testing solutions and efficiently characterize your product.

Sound Intensity Testing


Simplify the processes of intensity-based sound power testing while ensuring compliance with ISO measurement standards for both scanning and point-by-point methods. Our solution integrates a fully automated procedure, with robotized movements of the probe. It delivers adequate results for certification processes and additionally permits sound localization on a 3D geometry as well as the ranking of sound sources.

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Otto Petraška, Responsible for the the Vibration and Acoustic division

“We notice the effectiveness and user-friendli-ness of all the Simcenter noise and vibration solutions.”


An integrated offer of hardware, software and specific tools for Acoustic Testing.

Simcenter Testlab


Advanced software for high-speed multi-physics data analysis and organization for test-based product development.

Simcenter Scadas 


a broad range of data acquisition hardware, including handheld solutions, compact and portable mobile units, autonomous smart recorders and high-channel-count laboratory data acquisition systems

Simcenter Sound Brush

Real-time testing solution that combines 3D sound intensity with visualization of the sound sources.

Simcenter Sound Camera

Minimize the time spent in tracking down sources that contribute to unwanted noise, locate sound sources over a wide frequency range, both in the far and near acoustic field.

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