Solutions for Rotating Machinery Testing

Analyze structural dynamics, vibrations and acoustic performance of your product with Simcenter Testing solutions.

Pumps, motors, compressors and other rotating machinery must be able to operate correctly under a variety of working conditions, for long periods, without breaking down, while meeting industrial regulations. Siemens solutions can help you obtain critical information on performance, efficiency, noise and vibration of rotating machinery.

Increase your testing activity efficiency with Siemens products

Improve your testing process, increase productivity and product innovation with Simcenter™ testing solutions. Our solutions combine multi-physic data acquisition hardware with a comprehensive software suite to capture, organize and analyze the data, covering a vast range of testing needs.

Simcenter Testing for Rotating Machinery

Our rotating machinery testing solutions allow NVH engineers to optimize the performance of rotating machinery, by acquiring and analyzing the impact of speed, torque and control strategies on sound quality, (torsional) vibrations, and energy efficiency. In the lab and in the field, our multi-disciplinary testing system saves time, increases data reliability, and maximizes insights into the machinery’s behavior.


Find out what types of structural dynamics testing you can perform with our solutions.

Signature Testing

Harmonic analysis is at the core of rotating machinery vibration and sound testing. Our state-of-the-art signature testing solutions include fixed sampling and synchronous order tracking to derive waterfall, order cuts, and engine maps from rpm and torque measurements in any operating condition. They make fully automated or highly interactive comparison of design variants easier than ever.

Combustion Engine Testing

Our internal combustion engine testing solutions simultaneously acquire all engine parameters required for efficient balancing of NVH and performance. The combined analysis of sound quality, torsional vibration, angle domain, combustion, and controller information saves time, increases data reliability, and maximizes insight even early in the development process.

Operational Data Collection

Delivering high-quality products requires to-the-point target setting, competitive benchmarking and physical prototype validation. With our Simcenter testing solutions, easily collect in-field and laboratory operational data for full vehicle and powertrain NVH development

(H)EV Powertrain Testing

Vehicle manufacturers resort to vehicle hybridization (HEV) and electrification (EV) to achieve lower pollutant emission and fuel consumption targets. At the same time (H)EV should offer outstanding engine performance and vehicle comfort. Our testing solutions are employed for the engineering of (hybrid) electric powertrain with the purpose of gear whine reduction, powertrain integration, and PWM control strategy optimization. They also help understand CVT, ICE-engine, and electric motor interaction.

Torsional Vibrations

Torsional vibrations in power transmission systems induce noise and vibration disturbances that negatively impact comfort and may cause system failures. Our testing solutions help you visualize torsional vibrations, conduct high-precision rotational speed measurements on a wide range of angle and speed sensors, and analyze orders, narrowband waterfalls, and transmission errors.

Sound Power Testing

Quantifying the sound power generated by a product is critical to many industries. Sound power values are required for certification, but also for engineering and benchmarking purposes. Our certified sound power testing solutions guide operators to comply with international standards and regulatory directives while offering the flexibility to incorporate custom, in-depth acoustic engineering workflows.

Sound Source Localization

Acurately, intuitively, and quickly visualize sound sources with our sound source localization (SSL) solutions. SSL helps you immediately confirm that you focus on the dominant noise issue.

Our modular digital and analog microphone arrays support a wide range of applications from acoustic troubleshooting to sound power ranking, and aero-acoustic wind tunnel testing.

Sound Quality Testing

Shape the sound of your product by relying on our sound quality testing solutions for noise level benchmarking, assessment, and troubleshooting. Listen, analyze, and combine objective and subjective evaluations to design irresistible brand sounds.

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Briggs & Stratton

Brett Birschbach,Senior Engineering Manager, NVH and Durability 

I can’t tell you how many times an engineer has looked over at me and said, ‘This software is really easy to use!’ This is far easier than what we had before because it’s just more flexible.


A complete hardware and software offer for Rotating Machinery Testing.

Simcenter Testlab

Advanced software for high-speed multi-physics data analysis and organization for test-based product development.

Simcenter Scadas


A broad range of data acquisition hardware, including handheld solutions, compact and portable mobile units, autonomous smart recorders and high-channel-count laboratory data acquisition systems.

Simcenter Sound Camera

Minimize the time spent in tracking down sources that contribute to unwanted noise, locate sound sources over a wide frequency range, both in the far and near acoustic field.

Industrial Applications

Discover the applications of Simcenter Amesim for your industry.

Thanks to its multi-disciplinary approach, Simcenter Amesim is a cross-industry simulation tool, employed to develop: vehicles and vehicle components, earth moving equipment, industrial machinery, food and beverage production plants, packaging machinery, ships, aircrafts, shuttles and energy plants.

Mechanical Industries





Rolling Stock

Medical Devices


GEA Grasso

Hans Vermeer, Manager Testing Department

Thanks to Simcenter Testxpress, we were able to increase our testing efficiency and managed to reach an important NVH signoff point in less than 50 percent of the time it would have taken before

Webinar on Demand

Static and dynamic analysis of rotors and rotating machines using probes and keyphasors

Static and dynamic analysis of rotors and rotating machines is paramount to avoid unnecessary vibration and ensure the reliability of the machines. How does your shaft move in the hydro bearing during startup, shut down and under the loads from an operating cycle?

An efficient measurement and analysis technique can provide insight into the source of the unbalance, origin of static, dynamic loads and avoid vibration issues.

View this webinar to learn how to measure the dynamic motion of shafts in the bearing using key-phasor and proximity probe.

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