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Streamline Urban Air Mobility and Drone Engineering with System Simulation


Innovative products call for innovative solutions…and smart engineering tools!

If you still rely on spread sheets and prototypes to size your product – it’s time to modernize your approach, with predictive engineering system simulation.

Companies like Volocopter, Bell Nexus, Boeing, Manta Aircraft and many more, are already using system simulation to develop reliable new designs, in a smarter and more efficient way.

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  • Study any type of Air Mobility: CTOL, STOL, VTOL, V/STOL also in their “e-“ configurations and DRONES

  • Create a virtual model of most critical systems (Traditional, Hybrid or Electric Propulsion, Fuel Cells, Electrical Network, Flight Controls etc.)

  • Simulate their transient performance during a flight mission and specific manuevers to identify the system requirements and design specifications.

  • Assess energy efficiency, flight range, payload improvement, fault & safety studies and improve thermal integration 

    …all within one simulation platform!


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✓Reduce time to market ✓Beat competition through innovation ✓Increase efficiency…with system simulation.


Marco Brunelli – Technical Director @ BSim Engineering

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