Simcenter Testing Solutions

Drive innovation and productivity in test-based engineering

In the digital era, it remains crucial to test, validate and optimize real-world designs within the constraints of shorter testing cycles, conflicting performance requirements, growing product complexity and reduced costs.

Increase your testing activity efficiency with Siemens products

Enhance testing processes, boost productivity and product innovation with Simcenter™ Testing Solutions. Our solutions integrate multiphysics data acquisition hardware with a complete suite of acquisition, analytics and modeling software to cover a wide range of test needs.

Simcenter Testing Solutions

Simcenter Testing Solutions deliver critical insights for innovate smart products, increase testing productivity and efficiency, maintain quality, enhance team collaboration and engineering flexibility, close the loop with simulation and lower cost of ownership.

What test do you need to do?

Products for each type of test.

Every company faces specific experimental challenges for their products and industry, whether they are related to acoustics, durability, structural dynamics, rotating machines or quality control. BSim offers your company software and hardware solutions specific to your products and your challenges.

Acoustic Testing

Siemens acoustic test solution, generate an eye-catching acoustic signature or ensure compliance with regulations.


Rely on Siemens end-to-end durability testing solution to streamline your entire product testing process.

Structural Dynamics 

Hardware and software solutions to perform modal tests and analyzes quickly and eliminate structural fragility from your product.

Quality Control

Perform end-of-line testing on production to identify and eliminate defective parts thanks to Siemens Testing Solutions

Rotating Machinery 

Discover Siemens products to test the impact of speed, torque, control strategies and torsional vibrations on the acoustic quality of your rotating machinery.

What’s new in Simcenter Testlab 2306

Use the data you acquire during testing along all phases of product development, including design, validation and certification.
Discover Simcenter Testlab 2306, the new software release for multi-disciplinary test-based performance engineering. This software release offers test and simulation teams new capabilities to optimize testing productivity and innovate smart products more efficiently.

What our Clients say

Kverneland Group

Henrik Christensen Aarenstrup, Project Engineer

It is particularly easy to check values and to find back-measured data. The engineers get a complete overview of the measured data in the easiest way.

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