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Improve your skills and methodologies in the field of engineering simulation.
We schedule training session classes at our offices, provide courses at your offices or online e-learning sessions.
We offer standard or custom courses, adapted your requests and the phenomena you’re interested in analyzing.

Class Training, On-site Courses or E-Learning

Our engineers will provide you with the necessary theory and application-based examples for productive use of our simulation software. Practiacal examples and excersizes will give you all the tools you need to set up your own simulation models and ask the right questions to efficiently analyze the results you obtain.

In-person Training

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Join one of our training classes at our offices or schedule one at your premises. We tailor our courses for several user-levels: newbies, intermediate or advanced.

Online Courses

Improve your skills from your desk

Choose between:

  • Web-Live courses, scheduled training sessions held via webex with one of our trainers, that include live exercises and live interactions.
  • On-Demand courses, video courses, split into bite-sized modules that you can watch, pause and play again anytime.

Our Courses

Our course catalogue is available below. Get in touch to schedule a course with one of our trainers, in person or via web. Don’t want to wait? Look into our On-demand courses, and start learning immediately.

Course Catalogue

Look into our Course Catalogue, select the one that meets your needs.
Simcenter Amesim – Hydraulic Basics

Simcenter Amesim – Hydraulic Basics

This course provides you with all the basic notions needed to simulate hydraulic systems with Simcenter™ Amesim™ software, covering parametrization and modeling, providing the skills to efficiently employ the software for hydraulic product design and optimization.

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Simcenter Amesim – Powertrain

Simcenter Amesim – Powertrain

This training enables the designer to address the various physical phenomena involved in powertrain system simulation. The participant is guided through the design and analysis of transmission systems and components from the engine up to the wheels.

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Simcenter Amesim – Getting Started

Simcenter Amesim – Getting Started

This training introduces new users of Simcenter Amesim to the structure and the use of the software as well as the modelling and simulation process. It forms the basis for all the Simcenter Amesim application-oriented training courses.

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BSim offers custom courses to adapt to our customers applications and needs. Its important for us to provide new users with all the notions they’ll need to address their industry-specific engineering pains.

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